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Commercial Window Cleaning Mn

Clear Cut Window Cleaning provides commercial window cleaning services to small businesses, senior living facilities, colleges, churches, and a number of other facilities that want a great value from a company they can trust.

We serve Minneapolis, St. Paul, Lakeville, Edina, Minnetonka, Woodbury, North Oaks, and every Twin Cities suburb in between.

Minnesota Commercial Window Cleaning

Minnesota Commercial Window Cleaning

We provide window cleaning for small businesses, nursing homes, apartment complexes, senior living facilities, small businesses and other commercial buildings.

We’ve had the honor to work with many of the area colleges and universities, to provide them with our high quality window cleaning, soft washing, and pressure washing services.

We pride ourselves in being a uniquely sized window cleaning company that provides the squeegee power to make other small to medium sized organizaitons shine.  Many of the local Twin Cities and Minneapolis window cleaning companies are either so small that they don’t have the necessary equipment to provide a high quality, streak-free job, or they don’t have the team around them to work efficiently.

We’ve built a small team of window cleaning professionals that are committed to providing excellent customers service, quality workmanship, and end-results.

Because many of our competitors are focused on scaling quickly, and keeping their margins as high as possible, we’ve found that we’re able to out-do them with the quality of our team.

Our goal is to provide an amazing work-environment for people.  Working outdoors, working with your hands, and adding value in this subtle-yet-meaningful way can be a great deal of fun.  Having lower turnover means that our teams build relationships with each other, and our team of people are amazing.

Colleges & University Window Cleaning

Window Cleaning for Universities

Colleges face a unique problem – they need their facilities to look amazing while managing their resources extremely well.  We’ve been working with many of the area colleges and universities to provide a great value in window cleaning.  We know it’s important to be efficient, leave things looking better than when you found them, and to pursue the best interests of our clients.

Window washing and Window cleaning for Minnesota colleges is all about adding value.

Our goal is to leave facility managers saying “that was SO worth it.”

One of the biggest advantages of hiring a commercial window cleaning company is that your current facilities team can focus on things that have lower risk and they can be more efficient.  We’ve seen cases where a university can actually lower their insurance rates because they ended up outsourcing the window cleaning, rather than having their own facility people handle it.

Senior Living Facilities

Window Cleaning for Senior Living

Whether it’s an end-of-life hospice care facility, or just a senior living company, we’re passionate about helping these facilities look great.  We know that window cleaning is a subtle way to bring dignity and value to people that are often unable to spend much time outside of the facilities.

If you manage or own a senior living facility, and you like the idea of being supported by a Twin Cities local, values-based company, like ours, then please reach out.  We’d love an opportunity to earn your business.

One theme that we find when working with organizations like this, is that they need a team to simply add great value, work well with their staff, and take tremendous care of the facilities and people that are interacted with.

Small Business Window Cleaning

Window Cleaning for Small Business

We’re passionate about small businesses, and love serving them as their window cleaning and house washing company.

Small businesses need to maximize their investment, which means they need their facilities to look amazing and last a long time.

Window cleaning is a great way to make your organization shine, while using an outsourced company that wants to earn your business.

Commercial Window Cleaning

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